'The blessings of Aulia-ikram (Nearer and Dearer to Allah) rain on the land of India Baba Sahab has mandsaur District a Centre of his blessing.'

   Land of Sufis and Seers

The land of Hindustan i.e. India is the land of sufi’s and seers, whose foot-steps have fragranted the soil of India and due to that India got a place of excellence and authority. The Sufis and saints have their own mysticism (sufism) which comprises all fundamentals of all religions.

   India is the land where the teachings of sufis and saints have lightened the mind of people and even to day Amir Khusro has called it manificient and best of all countries. This is the country where the stare of spirituality twinkle and shine splendidly over the horizon of Marfat (Knowledge of God).This is the land where thousands of Maikhana (Here it means centre) of Shariat,Tariqat,Tasawuf of God and marfat fare flourishing (Intimate Knowledge of God).The holy shrine of songiri is one of those shrines.(Khanka) on reaching there the hearts of people brighten with hope and faith.It is such a centre of spirituality, where rigidness and external cover of religion collapse.A lamp burns in this part of land which is spreading light all over the world. This is the shrine where brooks of bounty and blessing are seen flowing at every times.

   Baba Sahab possesses a lot of virtues blessed by God.He loves human beings,has polity for mankind and he is idol of purity of thoughts, patience and endurance.He has great sympathy towards human being and keen desire to serve humanity. His tongue is sweet and conversation is extreme polite and gentle. His slight glimps opens and closed doors destiny.All virtues of a perfect Kamil Darwesh are found in Baba Sahab in perfection His heart is heart of a Sufi-Darwesh.He has unparallel place in world of spirituality and Sufism. To serve humanity is his holy motto of life. The wealth of Shariat, tariqat and Marfat is blessed only in selected devotees of God.Only those persons are blessed with Iahq-e-Hakiki (Love of God) who leaving worlds do not mind laxury and comfort of the world and Baba is one of them. The state of understanding of God can note be gained without knowing God’s teaching.

   Songiri Sarkar is Sufi, Saint and magnificent and open-hearted seer of the Malwa Region. Spiritual ,highly esteemed and magnificent Sufi Hajrat Baba Sahab is one of the be loved and holy seer who possess a high and esteemed place in world of Sufism (mysticism), Tariqat and Tasawuf.

To train people and to enable people spiritually is a tedious job. If a men exposes himself then it is easy. Baba Sahab live in isolation at Songiri (Fatehgarh). Pilgrims not from Madhya Pradesh but from Gujrat and Rajasthan and even from Utter Pradesh pay a visit to Baba Sahab every day.

You are saint of manifestation and miracles. His selflessness and psyshe are exemplary .He possesses virtue to lessen pain and illness and he got immense popularity. The Almighty blessed him wealth of mysticism of behavior.His heart ins Sufis heart which possesses depth of feeling (Sauj-o-Gudaj)

Whose search is this,search.To reach this destination mystic knowledge (Marfat) and exercise (Riyazat) fear of god and continence are must. Apart from enlightenment, it is necessary to have fear of god and continence of Shriat (The Quranic Law) .A perfect Darwesh should be well-versed with the life of a prophet and his valuable virtues, this is recognition. There is no doubt that Baba Sahab is a saint of unparallel miracles. Every pilgrim visiting the shrine feel contentment and cheerful. The haunted pilgrim being to cry and shout as soon as they step into shrine and very soon the evil-sprits who had been dominating the body of hunted person have to leave the body of the victim.There are several person who have been relieved from evil spirits and devils by blessing of Baba. They got a new life and free from cares and anxieties.When brooks of blessing flow, the life is enlightened in shrines of saints.

An unending queue of pilgrims is always seen in the shrine of Baba people irrespective of religion, caste and belief without any discrimination visit the shrine and are blessed in their wishes and return happily. The shrine of Baba is no doubt a centre of communal harmony and integration. Pilgrims from for and wide pay visit to Baba’s shrine and return happily.

The land of Malwa is always enriched with Sufis and saints. The victims of tormenting diseases and ill luck persons are blessed by Sufis and saints. The shrine of Ajmer comes into mind by looking at this shrine (Khanka) and sometime the Khanka of Kapasan comes before eyes till the Day of judgement.I with folded hands pray Almight God to bless Baba Sahab a long life so his blissful hands shadow over us and always be benefited b his spirituality and mysticism.

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